74% Of Adults Have Mild To Moderate Orthodontic Problems

An estimated 74% of adults require mild to moderate orthodontic correction.

Most never undertake the simple treatment dental braces can offer, as they are unaware of how mildly crowded or crooked teeth can negatively affect dental health.

Healthy and properly position teeth allow you to open and close your jaw “in occlusion”.  When teeth are not aligned properly, dentists call this “malocclusion”.

This condition can lead to problems such as periodontal disease, premature wear of your teeth, tooth fracture and chips, painful jaw joint problems and more.

Many effects are not noticeable right away.  Some effects of malocclusion and orthodontic problems, such as tooth crowding, actually increase as you age and reach your mid thirties and beyond.  This is why dental associations recommend early treatment.

This video demonstrates some of the potential problems that crooked teeth can cause.

Orthodontics and Invisalign help correct orthodontic problems and prevent the problems associated with crowded or crooked teeth.

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