Are You Genetically Prone to Cavities?

New research and technology have shown us that your risk for getting cavities may be defined by some much different factors than we had once believed. You have likely been told for years to brush and floss and avoid sugar if you wanted to avoid cavities. We now know that it can be more related to the chemistry of your mouth and in some cases, brushing and flossing alone will do little to lower your risk for decay.

Cavities are caused by a certain family of bacteria that produce high levels of acids.  It is these acids that breakdown, or demineralize, the enamel of the teeth and lead to tooth decay. These bacteria thrive in an acid pH environment. There are many factors that may contribute to having an acidic pH in the mouth, such as lack of saliva, medications that cause dry mouth, acid reflux, frequently consuming acidic beverages, etc. What we do know, is that if this acid environment exists and you have this bacterial infection, you are at much greater risk for dental decay whether you brush and floss diligently or not.

Ask us about how you can correct the chemistry in your mouth, and reduce your chances of future cavities.

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