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Regain Your Confidence With Help From Our Dental Implants Dentists!

Smile Easy Again, with Dental Implants Are you hiding your mouth? Avoiding smiling?  Keeping your lips closed when you smile, even though it feels unnatural to you?  If you are hiding your smile because of missing teeth, loose dentures you might want to speak with our dental implants dentist in Bowmanville to discover how this…

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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Tooth Removal & Sleep Dentistry in Bowmanville At Bowmanville Dental, your oral surgery and wisdom tooth removal will be performed under general anesthesia or sleep dentistry for your comfort. No referral is required.  If you have been told you need your wisdom teeth removed, or suspect you may need wisdom tooth removal due to…

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Dental Cleaning – Why, When and How

Why do I need dental cleaning? There are many heart, lung and other diseases that you are at an increased risk of developing if you oral health isn’t up to snuff!  In addition, professional dental cleanings & checkups help reduce tooth decay, cavities, gum disease and more severe tooth problems. Dental cleaning care (dental prophylaxis) is usually…

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Tooth Coloured Fillings And Other Dental Fillings Alternatives

Tooth Coloured Fillings a.k.a. Composite Fillings There’s air abrasion, dental sealants, dental fillings & more – dive in to the what, when and why of preventative dental care. Dental Sealants:  This treatment is a great alternative to dental fillings when there is only minor decay on the top surfaces of teeth, especially for children.  Dental…

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Oral Cancer Screening Technology – Velscope, at Bowmanville Dental

VELscope available at Bowmanville Dental At Bowmanville Dental, we use VELscope during adult oral examinations.  VELscope is a tool used for enhanced oral cancer screening. Oral cancer that is caught early has a survival rate of 80-90%.   When not caught early, the survival rate is only approximately 30%. Did you know that approximately 25% of oral…

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