The Many Specialties of a General Dentist

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The General Dentist & Their Service To Your Family There is something a little underwhelming about the term “general dentist.” It almost makes it seem like a general dentist provides little more than routine teeth cleanings and fillings. In reality, a general dentist provides virtually any service you could need, for every member of your…

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How Does Dental Sedation Work?

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Our Bowmanville Dentists Explain Dental Sedation For those with dental anxiety, dental appointments can be torturous. But you don’t have to suffer from a crippling phobia to benefit from sedation dentistry. As dentists, we at Bowmanville Dental know that dental visits can create stress for even the calmest of people. Most of us experience some…

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74% Of Adults Have Mild To Moderate Orthodontic Problems

An estimated 74% of adults require mild to moderate orthodontic correction. Most never undertake the simple treatment dental braces can offer, as they are unaware of how mildly crowded or crooked teeth can negatively affect dental health. Healthy and properly position teeth allow you to open and close your jaw “in occlusion”.  When teeth are not…

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Wisdom Teeth: What Every Parent Should Know

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  From the first baby tooth to braces and beyond, you want your children to have every oral health advantage in life. Surprisingly, many parents don’t know a whole lot about wisdom teeth, and when or why they should be extracted. At Bowmanville Dental, we want all our patients to make informed decisions for their…

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Missing a Tooth? Your Headaches and Jaw Pain May be Connected

Problems Caused By Missing Teeth When patients lose teeth to decay, accidents, or gum disease, we always recommend tooth replacement with either implant-based or traditional prosthetics. The loss of even just one tooth can cause a cascade of changes to your dentition that can have far-reaching negative effects on your health and quality of life.…

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