Children’s Dental Health

Does Your Child Really Need Braces?

does my child need braces

Childhood Orthodontics – Bowmanville, ON Many parents don’t even think about orthodontia for their children, mistakenly believing that baby teeth are naturally crooked or only permanent teeth require straightening. However, when it comes to orthodontic oral health issues, early detection and treatment is vital. At Bowmanville Dental, we regularly provide pediatric orthodontic evaluations and recommend…

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Tips To Get Kids To Brush Their Teeth

Image of Free Printable Tooth Brushing Chart

Tips To Get Kids To Brush Their Teeth Parenting. Not always as glamorous as some mommies & daddies make it out to be, right? And one not so fun task on the unglamorous aspects of parenting list is figuring out how to get your child to brush their teeth. Flossing would be a super huge…

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Smile Make Over; A 12 Year Old Boy Gets A New Smile For Highschool

Orthodontics Treatment Before & After Photos This 12 year old boy has been gifted a new smile for highschool, and for life! In just over 2 years, this troublesome overjet and overbite were corrected via orthodontic braces and headgear. Did you know that crooked teeth and incorrect bites can lead to more expensive dental treatment…

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Today’s Parent Article on Cavities In Children

The April 2012 edition of Today’s Parent magazine featured a very informative article on the rise of the number of children with cavities, at younger and younger ages. The article explores some underlying issues that go beyond brushing and flossing, and offers helpful information for parents. We are sharing a scanned version of the article with you.  Click the…

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Say Cheese! Preventing Cavities with a Few Surprise Foods!

Beer, Beef, Soft drinks, Coffee, Fish, Lamb, Pasta, White Flour, Table Salt, Pork and White Bread…these are some of the most common acidic foods.  Acidic foods wear down your teeth. So what can you do to lessen your risk for getting cavities?Each tooth has a hard protective layer called the enamel. When acids come in…

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