Dental Implants

Regain Your Confidence With Help From Our Dental Implants Dentists!

Smile Easy Again, with Dental Implants Are you hiding your mouth? Avoiding smiling?  Keeping your lips closed when you smile, even though it feels unnatural to you?  If you are hiding your smile because of missing teeth, loose dentures you might want to speak with our dental implants dentist in Bowmanville to discover how this…

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Smile Makeover – Replaced Missing Teeth With Dental Implants

Smile Makeover With Dental Implants At Bowmanville Dental Patient Complaint:  Difficulty chewing or eating. Embarrassed to smile. Dental Makeover Treatment Plan: Replace missing teeth with dental implants and whiten all teeth. All treatment, from digital scans & planning, to placing the implant and then placing the implant crown, followed by tooth whitening, was done in…

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Tooth Replacement Options

Tooth Replacement Options Dental issues normally begin around age 30, when many of us find ourselves with teeth that are no longer structurally sound, requiring us to begin to explore tooth replacement options such as dental crowns, bridges, single tooth dental implants and full mouth restoration options.  At Bowmanville Dental, we want you to know…

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