Dental Sedation and Comfort

How Does Dental Sedation Work?

child having dentistry while asleep

Our Bowmanville Dentists Explain Dental Sedation For those with dental anxiety, dental appointments can be torturous. But you don’t have to suffer from a crippling phobia to benefit from sedation dentistry. As dentists, we at Bowmanville Dental know that dental visits can create stress for even the calmest of people. Most of us experience some…

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Overcome Dental Phobia with Sedation Dentistry

Portrait of man with dental fear exploring sedation dentistry options

Peaceful Visits with Sedation Dentistry You may dislike dental visits for any number of reasons. Perhaps you have a fear of the dentist, due to negative experiences or not feeling in total control during procedures. Maybe a physical condition will not allow you to get comfortable in the dental chair, or holding your mouth open…

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How To Deal With Your Child’s Dental Anxiety

How To Deal With Your Child’s Dental Anxiety More than 75 percent of individuals experience some form of fear when visiting the dentist, (adults included) so it’ s no wonder many kids have dental anxiety too. Some people feel no control at the dentist or feel like they can’t protect or help themselves, which makes…

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Gag Reflex At Dentist Getting You Down? Find A Dentist With An iTero!

dental patient receiving digital dental scan with iTero

Gag Reflex At Dentist Getting You Down?  Find A Dentist With An iTero! It’s Hard Not To Gag When Having A Goop-Filled Dental Impression Made Luckily, old-fashioned impressions aren’t the only option that patients have anymore. If you can find a dentist with iTero, you will never have to worry about gunk or goop causing…

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