Oral Health

Wisdom Teeth: What Every Parent Should Know

smiling teenagers with wisdom teeth

  From the first baby tooth to braces and beyond, you want your children to have every oral health advantage in life. Surprisingly, many parents don’t know a whole lot about wisdom teeth, and when or why they should be extracted. At Bowmanville Dental, we want all our patients to make informed decisions for their…

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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Tooth Removal & Sleep Dentistry in Bowmanville At Bowmanville Dental, your oral surgery and wisdom tooth removal will be performed under general anesthesia or sleep dentistry for your comfort. No referral is required.  If you have been told you need your wisdom teeth removed, or suspect you may need wisdom tooth removal due to…

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Dental Cleaning – Why, When and How

Why do I need dental cleaning? There are many heart, lung and other diseases that you are at an increased risk of developing if you oral health isn’t up to snuff!  In addition, professional dental cleanings & checkups help reduce tooth decay, cavities, gum disease and more severe tooth problems. Dental cleaning care (dental prophylaxis) is usually…

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Oral Health Tips for Expectant Mothers

Nine Months of Smiles: Avoid Periodontal Disease During Pregnancy As you know, every woman undergoes massive changes during pregnancy. Not a single part of your body is left unaffected by the process, from your lustrous, thicker hair to your swollen ankles. Unfortunately, for many women, one of the changes they don’t see coming is gum…

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Oral Piercings & Your Dental Health

Bowmanville is full of wonderful people who enjoy expressing themselves through body art and Oral Piercings are very “in” right now. At Bowmanville Dental we fully support and love the creativity of this. However, we want to make sure everyone stays happy and healthy with their decisions to get an oral piercing. Oral piercings includes…

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