Bad Breath Treatment in Bowmanville ON

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Causes Of Bad Breath

Bad breath is an embarrassing and unpleasant condition for those of us who have it. Sometimes, we may have bad breath and not realize it, or you may find that despite good oral hygiene habits, you may still be suffering from bad breath. Certainly, good oral hygiene habits help limit some types of bad breath, however there are many other causes of bad breath.

Causes of bad breath

  • Certain foods that you eat
  • Dry mouth, which occurs when the flow of saliva decreases with age, due to certain medical conditions
  • Tobacco use and smoking
  • Medical disorder, such as a local infection in the respiratory tract, chronic sinusitis, postnasal drip, diabetes, liver or kidney impairment
  • Oral hygiene habits: food that is not brushed or flossed away begins to rot and emit bad odours, and also cause bacteria to build up

Treatment for bad breath

Some tips to improve bad breath include:

  • the use of a tongue scraper to remove white coating from your tongue
  • the use of an oral hydrating gel such as Biotene to offset dry mouth
  • flossing more regularly
  • visiting the dentist every 3 months (instead of every 6) for professional tooth cleaning
  • drinking more water
  • dietary adjustments
  • having a medical exam with your physician if you suspect a medical condition as the cause of your bad breath

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