Looking for dental braces in Bowmanville?

We offer traditional dental braces and Invisalign.

Did you know that it is estimated that approximately 74% of adults require mild to moderate orthodontic correction?  Most never undertake the simple care dental braces can offer, as they are unaware of how mildly crowded or crooked teeth can negatively affect dental health.  If you are in Bowmanville and need dental braces, we can help.

You probably already know that your upper and lower teeth should fit together "in occlusion".  When teeth are not aligned properly, dentists call this "malocclusion".  This condition can lead to problems such as periodontal disease, premature wear of your teeth, tooth fracture and chips, strained or painful jaw joint problems, poor jaw bone health and more.

Furthermore,  crowding increases in most people in their mid thirties and beyond.  You may not know some of the potential problems that crooked teeth can cause, most of which can be prevented with dental braces and orthodontic correction.

problems caused by crooked teethCrowded Teeth:  build up of plaque and bacteria, possible leading to periodontal disease, tooth and bone loss

Gapped Teeth: food traps in between teeth, sore tender or swollen gums, infections or periodontal disease leading to tooth or bone loss

Overbite: premature wear and chipping of lower front teeth, as well as possible damage to palette of mouth

Underbite: Shortened or worn down front teeth, chipped or broken teeth, jaw and joint pain

Crossbite: premature tooth wear and chipping, abfractions, which are notches being cut out of teeth close to the gum line, and periodontal disease leading to tooth or bone loss

Openbite:  abfractions, gum recession, loose teeth or tooth loss and excessive wear on back teeth


This video demonstrates these points, and suggests that Invisalign may be one way to prevent the problems associated with crowded or crooked teeth.

We can correct orthodontic problems.  Contact us today for more information.