What To Expect During Dental Implant Treatment

How many appointments will I need?

A dental implant is made of 3 parts - the implant (screw), an abutment (attached screw to new tooth), and a crown, bridge or denture to replace your missing tooth/teeth.

Sometimes all 3 pieces are placed in a single appointment, but more often, the implant parts are placed separately, with healing time allowed in between each appointment.

We also perform post treatment checkups after each part is placed.

Total appointments can range from 3 - 10. Every case is different. Schedule your appointment and we'll discuss the best treatment plan for you.

dental implant parts

Do I have to see an implant specialist?

Our team is trained in all aspects of bone grafting and dental implant placement and restoration.

This means all your treatment will be performed in one office at Bowmanville Dental.

How long will my dental implant treatment take?

The appointments are short. A single implant can be placed in under 60 minutes, an abutment in under 30 minutes, and a crown in under 60 minutes.  Multiple implants require longer appointment times.

In some cases,  we can perform teeth in a day treatment. More commonly, we place the implant itself and allow it to heal and fuse to the jaw bone for 2-6 months before "loading" it with an abutment and crown.

If you require bone grafting treatment prior to implant placement, the bone graft healing time can range from 3-6 months, making your total bone graft and implant treatment timeline span from 6-12 months.

Your medical history, health, dental health and condition of your jaw bone will determine the best treatment plan for you. Schedule your personal consultation today.

Do you offer sedation for dental implants?

The jaw bone has few nerve receptors, and most people find local freezing to be enough. Of course, we offer laughing gas, oral sedation and sleep dentistry if you prefer.

Are there any restrictions during my treatment?

For the most part, it's life as usual.

For teeth in a day cases, we may recommend some modifications to diet or jarring exercise for a few weeks to allow the implant to fuse before "stressed".

For traditional cases, when an implant screw is placed, it sits in the jaw and doesn't disturb your regular chewing or speaking habits. Once healed and the crown is placed, it functions just like a natural tooth.

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