Does Your Child Really Need Braces?

does my child need braces

does my child need braces

Childhood Orthodontics – Bowmanville, ON

Many parents don’t even think about orthodontia for their children, mistakenly believing that baby teeth are naturally crooked or only permanent teeth require straightening. However, when it comes to orthodontic oral health issues, early detection and treatment is vital. At Bowmanville Dental, we regularly provide pediatric orthodontic evaluations and recommend appropriate treatment for children’s growing mouths. Identifying crookedness and misalignment early in a child’s life can allow us to provide efficient, effective treatment. Handling orthodontic conditions sooner rather than later can save you and your child the time, hassle, and discomfort of more complicated treatment down the road. Read on to learn more about the importance of pediatric orthodontics and find out how our dentists can help straighten your child’s smile.

Assessing Your Child’s Mouth

According to Chris Opfer at HowStuffWorks, “orthodontists estimate that roughly 45 percent of children need braces to fix functional problems such as a misaligned bite, but up to 75 percent of kids could benefit from them to straighten their teeth and improve the shape of their face.” For this reason, we recommend that all children undergo an orthodontic evaluation by age seven. By this time, most of your little one’s baby teeth should have erupted, allowing our dentists to accurately determine if their mouths are developing properly.

During this appointment, one of our dentists will conduct a basic visual assessment of your child’s mouth to look for signs of crowding, gapped teeth, decay, gum disease, or other issues. We may also take digital x-rays of his or her mouth to determine if your child has a large enough jaw to accommodate his or her teeth and check that they are erupting in proper alignment. Based on this evaluation, our dentists should be able to tell you if your child needs or is likely to need braces.

The Advantages of Early Intervention

It may be tempting to put off orthodontic treatment until your kids are older, but tackling their crooked teeth earlier offers numerous benefits. These advantages include:

  • Improved oral health. Many people think of orthodontic treatment as primarily cosmetic, but having a crooked, misaligned smile can make your child more susceptible to gum disease, tooth decay, and other conditions. Prompt treatment could even save your youngster from future extractions or oral surgeries, depending on the severity of his or her case.
  • Lowered overall cost. Pediatric braces can seem expensive, but making an investment in your child’s smile at a young age can save you the expense of more complicated treatment later on.
  • Shortened treatment time. In her Today’s Parent article on pediatric braces, Liza Finlay explains: “Young children have softer, more malleable bones, so their jaws are more readily encouraged to move or grow in a more ideal shape. And because younger kids grow faster, treatment takes less time.” Early intervention could save your youngster hours in the dental chair (and prevent you from having to spend the same amount of time in the waiting room!).
  • Better, easier oral hygiene for life. Crooked teeth are more difficult to brush and floss. Straightening them sooner can simplify your child’s oral hygiene.
  • Greater comfort. Structural issues, decay, gum disease, and other oral health conditions associated with crookedness can make your child’s life more difficult and unpleasant.
  • An enhanced appearance. Having misaligned teeth can make your little one self-conscious, especially as he or she enters the teens. Promptly treating orthodontic issues can boost your kid’s self-esteem.

Our Orthodontic Treatment Options

Our team of dentists offers two types of braces. For younger patients or those with more complex cases, we recommend traditional wire and bracket braces. This tried and true treatment can effectively shift your youngster’s teeth into a straighter, healthier position.

If your child is old and responsible enough to take responsibility for his or her orthodontic care, we may recommend Invisalign® braces. This treatment is a series of custom-made clear plastic aligners that our dentists will switch out every two weeks to gradually straighten your child or teen’s teeth. Many youngsters prefer Invisalign® because the aligners are discreet, allowing them to correct their smiles without feeling self-conscious. In addition, Invisalign® appliances are removable, allowing your child to take them out for eating and cleaning.

Our dentists will help you and your child choose which type of braces will best suit him or her. No matter which treatment you choose, we will work to make braces as simple and convenient for you and your youngster as possible. We provide a full suite of dental and orthodontic treatments under one roof at our Bowmanville location. In addition, we offer appointments in the early mornings and late evenings to help fit your child’s appointments into your schedule.

Find Out If Your Child Needs Braces

If you suspect your child may need braces, you shouldn’t wait to begin this treatment. To learn more about pediatric orthodontics and the importance of early intervention, contact our Bowmanville, ON dental practice today.