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We offer emergency dental care in Bowmanville ON.

We are located in the Bowmanville Mall, beside Subway by the main entrance and welcome patients from Durham Region and Clarington.

No referral is required.

If you are having a dental emergency, you can call us now at 905-697-9799 to schedule an appointment.

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Please note, we are not a 24-hour dental service. If you contact us after hours, we will promptly contact you when we re-open. If your emergency is severe, please contact your local emergency facility or hospital.  Use the table below to identify a true dental emergency.

How to identify a dental emergency by symptoms


Dull but continuous tooth ache Non emergency. While uncomfortable, a dull ongoing pain is not often an emergency situation. Something is likely irritating the nerve root of the tooth. Call or email us to book an appointment at your earliest convenience.
Tooth sensitive to cold or cold drinks. Non emergency. Possible causes include recent routine dental care, in which case, the sensitivity will pass in a few days, or dentin exposure, acidic foods, gum recession or teeth grinding. Call or email us to book an appointment at your earliest convenience.
Tooth sensitive to heat or hot liquids or foods. Possible emergency. If the tooth is sensitive to heat, an infection may be present, and urgent care is needed. If swelling or fever is also present, emergency care is required. Call us now at 905.697.9799 to book an appointment.
Fractured tooth, broken tooth Possible emergency. A small break or fracture is considered urgent care. For a large or deep fracture, especially if going below the gumline, emergency care may be required. Avoid hot and cold foods and chewing in that area until the dentist sees you. Call us now at 905.697.9799 to book an appointment.
Swollen gums, swelling in mouth, swelling around tooth Emergency. Swelling and/or sudden intense discomfort may be caused by an infection. The area may also feel warm. Pus may be forming or visible. Apply a cold compress and call us now to book an appointment: 905.697.9799.
Pimple on gum, abscess in mouth, pus around tooth, pus coming out of gums Emergency. Pus or a pimple at the bottom part of a tooth or on the gums may be an infection or an abscess. Antibiotics and pain control may be prescribed right away, possibly followed by root canal or other treatment. Call us now to book an appointment, at 905.697.9799.
Tooth lost in accident, tooth knocked out during sports or other activity Emergency. Knocked out teeth can seem to bleed quite a bit. Stay calm and apply pressure with a cold compress to reduce or control bleeding. If possible, recover lost tooth, trying not to touch root of tooth. Put tooth in glass of cold milk, or wrap in cold, wet clean cloth, and proceed to emergency care facility or local hospital.

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