Gag Reflex At Dentist Getting You Down? Find A Dentist With An iTero!

dental patient receiving digital dental scan with iTero

Gag Reflex At Dentist Getting You Down?  Find A Dentist With An iTero!

It’s Hard Not To Gag When Having A Goop-Filled Dental Impression Made

Luckily, old-fashioned impressions aren’t the only option that patients have anymore. If you can find a dentist with iTero, you will never have to worry about gunk or goop causing you to gag ever again.

iTero is cutting-edge technology that is being used at many progressive dentist offices all over the country. Making an excellent – and pleasant – first impression with the iTero scanner is incredibly simple.

The iTero scanner lets your dentist take a completely digital impression (no goop, gunk, or junk in your mouth is needed). It is an extremely precise, digital 3D image of the individual elements of your gum tissue and tooth surfaces. The iTero scanner means that you remain comfortable while outputting detailed imagery, and you won’t have to deal with the putty-filled mess that made you gag in the past.

Not only is iTero more comfortable, but taking a digital scan is really fast (whether it’s for your Invsalign aligners, bridge, or crown). You won’t spend as much time at the dentist office and more time taking pleasure in your healthy new teeth.

How It Works

The procedure lets the dentist take a full set of digital impressions of a patient’s gums and teeth, as well as the roof of the mouth, if required.

The Wand:  The dentist will use the iTero want to take images of your gum tissue and tooth surfaces.

The Scan: You and the dentist will be able to monitor the scanning progress on the digital screen.

The 3D Model: The completed scan will be sent to the machine, which will develop a 3D model of your gum tissue and tooth surfaces.

The Benefits Of  iTero Technology

  1. Comfortable
  2. There is no gooey mess, of the sort you would encounter with traditional impression techniques. And, you will be able to swallow and breathe naturally throughout the digital 3D scan. Many patients feel uncomfortable with traditional dental mold techniques. You won’t have an unpleasant taste in your mouth afterward, either.
  3. Safe
  4. This procedure does not expose you to any radiation. It uses a basic laser to create the images.
  5. Accurate
  6. It will give you a precise fit of bridges, veneers, crowns, and Invisalign. It will also eliminate the need to take impressions multiple times.
  7. Fast
  8. You can look at 3D scans onscreen with your dentist right away. Even the digital impressions taken for the purposes of restoration are complete in roughly three to five minutes.

You Can Stop Gagging During Dental Visits!

The iTero digital impression system is nothing short of amazing, even magical. It is a brand new technology that offers a far more comfortable dental visit. For many people, the technology takes away much of the fear associated with going to the dentist: the traditional goop-filled dental mold.

The iTero digital impression system is changing the way patients receive dental treatment. With iTero, you can now have a better, more comfortable experience in the dentist’s chair.

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