Oral Cancer Rates On The Rise; Do you feel any lumps or bumps?

Velscope Oral Cancer Screening


Oral cancer statistics are shocking.  Every hour, someone dies of oral cancer.  Women are three times more likely to contract oral cancer, than cervical cancer.  Dentists are oral physicians.  Your dental visit should include a thorough examination of your head, neck, throat, lymphatic glands, thyroid glands, and all around and inside your mouth.  Any abnormalities should be documented in your file and checked for changes at your next visit.  If there is any question at all about an abnormal findings, your dentist should refer you for more thorough testing.

You can read more about oral cancer rates here: http://www.drbicuspid.com/index.aspx?sec=sup&sub=orc&pag=dis&itemId=308865&wf=1002

At Bowmanville Dental, we focus on adhering to the current model of dental hygiene care, based on evidence and research, and the most up to date care guidelines.  We educate all our adult patients on the importance of having their “dental physical” once every three to five years.  Just like seeing your doctor every year for blood work, or preliminary testing, your dentist is a vital partner in ensuring your good long term health.  Your “dental physical” is called a comprehensive oral examination.  It includes oral cancer screening, as described above, as well as complete periodontal charting, complete restorative charting, x-rays, a review of any changes in your medical conditions, medications, nutrition, lifestyle and more.

At Bowmanville Dental, we also use Velscope during our complete oral examinations.  You can learn more about Velscope here:  http://velscope.com/


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