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Orthodontic Braces in Bowmanville ON

Bowmanville Dental offers orthodontics, dental braces and Invisalign for kids, teens and adults.  Convenient early morning, late evening and weekend appointment times make it easy to fit orthodontic treatment into your busy schedule.  Payment plans offered and no referral is necessary.  Call us now at 905-697-9799 to learn more.

Did you know that recent dental research shows that up to 75% of children may benefit from braces & orthodontic treatment?  Beginning orthodontic treatment early on, when children are still young, can help to significantly reduce the length, cost and severity of treatment required.  But it's never too late!

Orthodontic treatment can help correct bite problems, narrow arches, crowded teeth, airway problems and thumb sucking habits.

Orthodontic treatment may help prevent the unnecessary removal of adult teeth, speech difficulties and even periodontal disease.

Straight teeth are healthier teeth.  Straight teeth are easier to properly brush and floss, preventing the build up of tartar and plaque.  This helps to prevent early onset of periodontal disease.  Straight teeth also reduce the risk of abnormal wear and trauma like chipped or broken teeth.  Straight teeth also help support a healthy jaw bone and joint.

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Convenient location with FREE parking in the Bowmanville Mall. Call now to book your personal consultation - 905-697-9799.

Why have your orthodontics at Bowmanville Dental?

  • We offer traditional orthodontic care as well as Invisalign invisible braces in a comfortable, caring environment for children, teenagers and adults.
  • We are open early mornings & late evenings to suit your busy schedule.
  • There are no extra trips to outside offices.  Regular dental and orthodontic treatment can all be performed at Bowmanville Dental
  • We offer flexible payment plans.
  • Insurance may cover a large portion of treatment.
  • We offer ample free parking and a convenient location.

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