Orthodontic Home Care

A Visual Guide To Brushing & Flossing With Braces

Upper Teeth

Use a soft tooth brush.  Start in the upper right area.  Brush above and below the braces.  Use a small circular motion.  As you come to the middle of your mouth, simply continue over to the left side.

When you have finished cleaning above and below the braces, go back and clean the inside of your teeth and the biting surfaces.

Be thorough, and take your time.  It’s very important to keep everything extra clean during orthodontic treatment to minimize cavities and gum problems.

Lower Teeth

Start on the right side again and repeat the thorough cleaning methods described above for your upper teeth.  Remember to take your time and get everything as clean as you possibly can!

Thorough and proper brushing and flossing during orthodontic treatment will help prevent white spots on teeth, cavities, sore swollen gums.   You should also visit your dentist every three months for professional tooth and gum cleaning during your orthodontic care.  

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