Smile Make Over; A 12 Year Old Boy Gets A New Smile For Highschool

Orthodontics Treatment Before & After Photos

This 12 year old boy has been gifted a new smile for highschool, and for life!

In just over 2 years, this troublesome overjet and overbite were corrected via orthodontic braces and headgear.

Did you know that crooked teeth and incorrect bites can lead to more expensive dental treatment throughout a lifespan?  Crooked teeth are also more at risk for plaque traps, cavities and gum disease.  We want to help you get and keep your healthiest, most attractive smile for life. If you have concerns about crooked teeth, gapped teeth, bite problems or questions about braces or Invisalign, please call us today.  We would be happy to answer your questions. (905) 697-9799

before and after braces pictures