Say Cheese! Preventing Cavities with a Few Surprise Foods!

Beer, Beef, Soft drinks, Coffee, Fish, Lamb, Pasta, White Flour, Table Salt, Pork and White Bread…these are some of the most common acidic foods.  Acidic foods wear down your teeth. So what can you do to lessen your risk for getting cavities?Each tooth has a hard protective layer called the enamel. When acids come in contact with the enamel, the acids can make it soft. When this happens repeatedly, your enamel can wear away and can never be restored naturally.

The chance of getting cavities increases for those whose teeth are regularly exposed to food with high acid contents like the ones listed above.

Bacteria in your mouth, which feeds on sugars, can also create acid.

Brushing right after eating acidic foods though, can actually damage the teeth, because the enamel is soft from the acid.

The best way to avoid acid damage is to avoid snacking continuously throughout the day. Rinsing and flossing, and chewing sugar free gum after eating during the day can be helpful.

Nuts and dairy, like a hard piece of cheddar cheese are good acid balancing foods.  Pack these as lunch box snacks or keep some handy in purses and backpacks for your entire family.

Some of the risk for cavities is genetic, but the tips above might help prevent a cavity, so be sure to rinse and keep some sugar free gum handy!

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