Gum Reshaping & Gum Grafting Treatment

Reshape Your Smile

Do you have  "gummy" smile?

Are your gums receding, shrinking or pulling away from your teeth?

Either way, gum reshaping treatment can quickly and easily restore the appearance of your smile and cover any exposed tooth roots which may be making your tooth sensitive to hot or cold.

Our periodontist and dentist in Bowmanville are here to reshape your gum line and smile!

gum reshaping treatment

Gingival Reshaping & Plasty

Our trained dentist and periodontist can perform gingival reshaping and plasty to reduce gum tissue and create a new smile line for you. Treatment takes 30-60 minutes, heals quickly, and has minimal impact on your day to day life while healing.

Gingival Grafts

If your gums are shrinking or receding, we can perform various types of gingival grafts to cover the exposed area.  Taking a small sliver of tissue from yrou palette, we place it where you need it to correct receding gums and restore your smile line.


Feeling tongue tied?

A frenum is a muscular attachment between two tissues on the body, and your mouth has 2 frena.  Sometimes a frenum can be too short or restrictive as can be the case with a gingival frenum that connects your tongue to the floor of your mouth, or your labial frenum, which connects the inside of your upper lip to your gums just above your two front teeth.

If your frenum is restrictive, a gingival frenectomy can sever the tight connection and free up movement.

Treatment takes 30-45 minutes and healing time is rapid and uneventful.

Many insurance plans cover gum reshaping surgery and frenectomy, and we offer many convenient payment methods as well.

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