Cost Of Orthodontics

Frequently Asked Questions About Orthodontics

How much do dental braces cost?

No two cases are the same.

A dentist or orthodontist must perform an examination of your teeth and jaw and provide a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Are dental braces covered by insurance?

There are over 65,000 dental insurance plans in Ontario.

Many plans cover 50, 75 or 80% of a past or the current year fee guide set for all Ontario dentists.  We will send a predetermination estimate to your insurance company on your behalf so that you will know exactly what your insurance company covers.

Do you offer payment plans for orthodontic treatment?

Early treatment is often less costly and less invasive.  To make it easier for you to receive treatment when needed, we are happy to offer monthly payment plans.  Our treatment coordinator will create a personal payment plan with you.

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