Smile Makeover – Advanced Plaque & Tartar Build Up Vanished!

Smile Makeover – Treating Gum Disease & Restoring A Smile

When you come in for regular dental cleanings, we remove bacteria and plaque from above and below the gum line, areas your floss or toothbrush at home can not reach.  If you don’t come in, it accumulates.  If you really let it accumulate for many years, you may end up with severe plaque and tartar build up, gum disease, gum infections, bone loss or tooth loss.

Smile Makeover - Advanced Plaque & Tartar Build Up Before and After

This lady came in with an advanced case of plaque and tarter build up and gum disease.  Our well trained team offers periodontal therapy in the office, and we were able to treat her condition and restore her smile.

Now in this case, teeth were lost.  Plaque and tarter can actually harden and build a “calculus bridge” which means it builds all around natural teeth, causing their loss when the toxic calculus is removed.   Nevertheless, her health is improved by removing this harmful colony of bacteria.

No matter when your last visit to a dentist was, rest assured that our experienced and friendly team can help you rebuild your smile.   Please call us today to discuss your needs. (905) 697-9799