Smile Makeover – Replaced Missing Teeth With Dental Implants

Smile Makeover With Dental Implants At Bowmanville Dental

smile makeover with dental implants before and after pictures

Patient Complaint: 

Difficulty chewing or eating. Embarrassed to smile.

Dental Makeover Treatment Plan:

Replace missing teeth with dental implants and whiten all teeth. All treatment, from digital scans & planning, to placing the implant and then placing the implant crown, followed by tooth whitening, was done in our office. He really appreciated not having to go to multiple offices to get x-rays & scans, the implant and later the crown.

Smile Makeover Results:

He reports increased confidence and ease of chewing and eating. If you are thinking of rebuilding your smile, please let us help you with your smile makeover.  Our caring team is here to help. We offer payment plans and various sedation options should you need them, though most patients are fine just watching the TV in the ceiling of each of our treatment rooms.  Contact us today to talk about your smile.  (905)-697-9799 or send us an email.

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