Stained Teeth From Swimming? That’s Swimmers Calculus

person swimmingSome tooth stains are caused by medications, foods or beverages.  There is another cause of stained tooth, known as swimmer’s calculus.  Swimmer’s calculus is defined as being a hard, brown tartar deposit that usually appears on the front teeth.  It normally occurs in swimmer’s who spend more than 6 hours a week submerged in chlorinated or chemically treated water in swimming pools.

The pool water contains chemicals that cause salivary proteins to break down quickly and form organic deposits on teeth.  If you are a swimmer, it is important for you to schedule more frequent visits to the dentist to have these deposits professionally removed.  If not removed, the deposits attract bacteria, which can develop into periodontal disease, putting you at risk for bone loss, tooth loss, increased risk of certain heart and lung problems and all the other issues associated with a diagnosis of periodontal disease.

If you have discolored teeth, come in for a visit and we can assess the reason.  If after a thorough professional cleaning you are still looking for yet a brighter, whiter smile, we can discuss tooth brightening options.

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