Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Wisdom Tooth Removal & Sleep Dentistry in Bowmanville

At Bowmanville Dental, your oral surgery and wisdom tooth removal will be performed under general anesthesia or sleep dentistry for your comfort.

No referral is required.  If you have been told you need your wisdom teeth removed, or suspect you may need wisdom tooth removal due to symptoms you are experiencing now, you can schedule an exam and an x-ray with Dr. Levy who can confirm a treatment plan for you and review your dental sedation options with you.

Bowmanville Dental accepts payment from insurance companies directly to help you get the oral surgery you need.  You can also speak with us about options for a payment plan.

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Why do I need wisdom tooth removal at all?

What are wisdom teeth? You have twelve molars in total; three molars on each side of your upper and lower jaws.   The wisdom teeth are third in line, right at the back. You may not have all four wisdom teeth as approximately 30% of people ever grow one or more of the 4 wisdom teeth.  Of those who do get wisdom teeth, many will not erupt or erupt painfully in adult years.

Wisdom teeth are removed or extracted for two reasons in general; either the wisdom teeth have already become impacted or the wisdom teeth have the potential to become problematic if not removed.  Impacted means that the tooth is prevented from reaching it’s normal position ( it may be an obstruction from another tooth or from tissue in your mouth).

Impacted teeth can cause misalignment or crowding of adjacent teeth, problems chewing, damage to adjacent teeth, food and plaque traps leading to dental infections which can spread in to the blood stream and be serious, or in extreme cases, fatal, and  “plaque traps” which feed bacteria that cause gum disease.   Impacted teeth can also result in painful tongue sores caused by the tongue continually rubbing up against an improperly placed wisdom tooth.  Since wisdom teeth are considered redundant, their removal is undertaken if any risk of the above is present.  Often, people welcome wisdom teeth removal due to the pain caused by impacted wisdom teeth.   If you have pain in your back molars, please call us to schedule an exam.

At what age is wisdom tooth removal recommended?

Ideally, wisdom teeth should be removed after the teeth are formed but before the roots mature.  Generally, this happens between the ages of 16-22. After this age, treatment may have some slightly higher risk of pain or post-operative infection, however many older adults successfully undergo this treatment.   Although not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth removed, as some people have enough space to allow these molars to come in without a problem, it is best to have a dentist review your dentition to be sure.

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