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zoom laser tooth whitening bowmanville

Zoom Laser Teeth Whitening

Get a whiter, brighter smile with Zoom whitening, in just 90 minutes!

Over four million smiles are whiter, brighter and more confident thanks to Zoom Professional In Office Tooth Whitening System.  Zoom Whitening  is the #1 patient-requested professional teeth whitening brand.  Philips Zoom, NiteWhite and DayWhite deliver the superior, professional results you want for your smile.  There are three common  types of teeth whitening:

Professionally Applied Teeth Whitening:   Whitening procedure performed within a dental office, under the direction and care of a dental professional, such as Zoom tooth whitening. 

Professionally Prescribed Whitening:  Whitening trays & agents dispensed by a dental professional for a patient to use at home, either as their main whitening treatment, like the free whitening we offer all our new patients   or for maintenance after an in-office treatment such as Zoom whitening.

Over the Counter: Any whitening products available to purchase from drug stores & supermarkets, for home use, including whitening pastes, rinses, gels, and strips.

Tooth whitening (or bleaching) is a simple, non-invasive dental treatment used to remove stain from natural tooth enamel and is an ideal way to lighten the shade of most teeth.  It is very common and safe.

Tooth whitening is not permanent and can be repeated.

Over time the teeth can accumulate new stains, this will occur faster if you smoke, drink coffee, tea, or wine.

Whitening can get your smile looking its best quickly and easily.

Since whitening only works on natural tooth enamel, any existing fillings or crowns may not match after the tooth color has changed. If you have existing dental work on or in your front teeth it is important to have the dentist evaluate your teeth prior to starting any bleaching system.

Zoom Whitening at Bowmanville Dental

Speak to us today about Zoom whitening and smile make over options for enhancing your smile.  Dental care helps keeps you healthy, and it can keep you looking and feeling confident too!  Call us now: 905.697.9799